Tips & Tricks on how to change your wax melts

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Happiness is……”A friend saying how lovely your home smells”

Having a new fragrance going into your burner is one of the most exciting moments for a “wax melt addict”!

I always like to light mine once all the housework is done, and the chores are ticked off.

Nothing beats the aroma of a brand new wax melt, combined with a cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive… or two!

**Please note the wax will never disappear with a wax melt, only the fragrance will**

But how and when do you change your fragrance over?

Here are a couple of tips for you to try:

The Cotton Wool Method

Once your melted wax has started to cool, use 2 or 3 cotton wool balls, these will start to soak up the liquid and gradually absorb most of it.

Then simply scoop them out and place them in your bin.

Wipe away any excess wax with a kitchen towel, then place in your new fragrance and enjoy!

Warm Up and Push it out

Slightly heat up your wax, so the bottom layer starts to soften (the wax should not be in liquid form), then slide the wax away and place it in the bin. Wipe your dish and then you are ready to use another fragrance.

These are the most popular ways to change over your wax melts, but please do not use a knife or a sharp object to scrape the wax, as this could cause harm to yourself and/or damage your burner.

There are no rules, as to when you should change over your fragrances, just never mix them, as they will be less pungent and also void any legalities.

The simple answer is – When you can no longer smell the fragrance or they are not as obvious, then it is time to replace.

But just remember to always “Stop and smell the Sara-Jane”

Best wishes and stay safe.



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