‘Backburner’ Melts

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My left over fragrances, that didn’t quite make it!

This product also helps me to achieve zero waste and create more space in my workroom!

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Backburner Melts

My left over fragrances, that didn’t quite make it!

I am always looking to offer my customers new and exciting fragrances and in doing so, I buy many new samples, in varying quantities!!

Subscription Box – The remaining Fragrance Oils

Many of the fragrances I sample, are then used within my ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Subscription’ products, which means they become ‘one-off’ fragrances and sometimes, I am then left with remaining quantities of these oils.

So, if you are a monthly subscriber and really liked the fragrances within a specific monthly box, then always look here, as you might be able to purchase more wax melts in that newly discovered fragrance!

The fragrances that did not quite match what I was looking for!

Remembering that all of the fragrances I sample and use are of a high quality, occasionally, not all of the fragrances I sample, match what I was looking for, so within this item, you have the opportunity to purchase these fragrances

These ‘backburner’ fragrances will be in my heart-shaped wax melts, but sold at a special discounted price!

Please note: These will not be included in the 342 offer.

Environmentally Friendly

This will help to achieve zero waste, and also create more space in my workroom!


Happiness is……”A friend saying how lovely your home smells”

“Stop and smell the Sara-Jane”

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Amber and Citrus, Amber and Sweet Orange, An English Orchard, Banana Split, Bubble Pop, Coconut and Waterfall Bloom, Enchanting, English Country Garden, Euphoria, Fresh Cut Grass, Ginger & Nutmeg, Jasmine & White Tea, Karma, Laundry Day, Lemongrass and Tahiti Lime, Oriental Blossom, Peppercorn and Raspberry, Pineapple and Frangipane, Pink Custard & Chocolate Crunch, Pixie Dust, Salted Caramel, Sandalwood and Black Pepper, Sleep, Snow Champagne, Springtime, Sweetpea, Tigerlilly & Blossom, Tobacco and Vanilla, Zoflo (Country Garden)

2 reviews for ‘Backburner’ Melts

  1. Alison Lawley (verified owner)

    Amazing ! Last ages. Have ordered most of these already. Melted the Karma (OMG) as Patchouli is my go to for chilling out. Also tried the Dark Fig and Honey which smells like yummy cake cooking. Smells like I am being a ‘good housewife’ , even when I am being lazy 🙂

  2. Andie (verified owner)

    These melts smell incredible! Am working my way through the list but they are all gorgeous so far, pineapple & frangipani is my favourite but I love the others too! I highly recommend getting these melts, you won’t be disappointed!

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