How to add scent to your Wedding Day

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Read to to find out how to add scent to your Wedding Day… I’ve wanted to write this blog for ages!

Did you know that scent is directly linked to memory & emotions? It is often suggested to Bride’s that they select a brand new perfume to create a new ‘scent memory’ of their Big Day for the years to come.

This process is often known as ‘scentscaping’ and until recently has only been featured in the more high-end, extravagant weddings. This all may sound a little costly but filling your wedding with fragrance needn’t break the bank. Here are a few different ways to show you how to add scent to your Wedding Day on any budget.

Fill the venue with fragrance on your Wedding Day

Lining the tables with herbs is especially effective on a warm day as when the room is warm, the scent will float through the air. Guests will remember this for years to come.

Invest in a new perfume

Meghan Fay is the owner of London wedding planning consultancy Extraordinary Days. She says “The first time we smell a new scent, we subconsciously associate it with what we are experiencing at the time. This link is permanent. which is why even years later, smell can continue to evoke strong emotional responses.” This is why bridal experts encourage Brides-to-be to choose a different scent than their everyday fragrance.

How to add scent to unexpected items

It may seem unusual, but adding a touch of scent to unexpected items such as the save the date cards or invitations adds an extra touch of excitement. Also, try spritzing confetti with your signature scent. The material locks in the fragrance and keeps releasing them over time.

Gift your scent

Wedding favours can often be expensive and difficult to decide on, but they needn’t be. Why not consider a candle for a modern take on this age-old wedding favour tradition? Instead of the traditional favours such as sugared almonds or homemade gifts like preserves or spirits. This is a great way to support a local business by commissioning them to design a scent especially for the two of you that has both masculine & feminine notes.

Guests will be able to burn their candles after the wedding, being reminded of the moments they shared with close friends & loved ones.

I would love to talk to you about creating a signature scent for your big day! Shop my collections here.

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