Candle Safety at Home

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Burning candles whilst at home creates a calming, cosy atmosphere that allows us to wind down after a long day. Whether you prefer to burn your candles while you take a soak in the tub, with your feet up in the living room in the evenings or to help you wind down for sleep learning how to burn them safely is very important.

Did you know soy wax is better than paraffin wax for you and your pets?
The paraffin wax used in traditional candles is a by-product of refining crude oil (petroleum) and when burnt, it gives off a lot of chemicals, mainly sooty black smoke and residue. If these chemicals are consistently inhaled by us or our furry friends, they can cause symptoms such as nausea and headaches, as well as emitting harmful carcinogens, which has links to the formation of cancer in certain cases.

So, if you think that burning a paraffin candle sounds bad for us, for our pets it is far worse. Due to their smaller stature and heightened sense of smell, the harmful impact can be far quicker and more serious as well as affecting their critical sense of smell.

In contrast, choosing soy wax for your candles & wax melts is an all natural material, which does not have chemicals added to it. It is simply made from the vegetable oil from the humble soya bean and will give off aromas that are natural and not harmful to us or our pets. Other positives to switching to soy wax are that they burn for far longer meaning that you can enjoy your favourite scents again & again. They also have a lower melting point meaning that there is less risk of burning yourself or your pets getting hurt if a little of the wax were to touch you.

The biggest advantage, to me, for using this safe wax is that the fragrances I use are stronger due to the lack of toxins & soot that are released into the air and our lungs. Soy wax candles have a stronger scent profile than paraffin wax candles meaning that you will be able to burn your Sara Jane Candles for a long time. A clean burn & a superior scent, what a result! Take a look at our full range of products on offer, all hand poured by me in my home

As an owner of cats and a dog myself my number one priority is making sure that they are healthy. This is one of the main reasons why Sara-Jane Candles & Wax Melts are made from 100% soy wax and other environmentally & animal friendly materials. To summarise, it is always worth saying that any lit candle must be positioned in a safe, elevated position, out of reach of wagging tails and other animal activity and intrigue.

Here is a picture of my boy Bobby & I at home in our garden in Chichester, West Sussex.

Happy burning!

Best wishes and stay safe.

Debbie xx

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